Website traffic down


Website traffic down

Why is my website traffic going down?


Check the calendar

Holydays and weekends might decrease your traffic.

The traffic will return to normal when the holyday is over.


Compare with last year

Use Google Analyics to display last year's visits graph.

Check whether the visits dropped a year ago too.


Google Analytics bug

Using an old Google Analytics code with urchin.js file, might show recent 2 days with lower traffic than the real traffic.

The traffic is not really down, but it only appears to be down.


Server problem

Try to browse your website, if you can't access it, you have a web server or DNS server problem.

Try to access your web server and check if it is active.

Check the integrity of your database or html files.

Use ping test tool to check your web server response.

Search for new on DNS server problem. On 9/2012, this website with many others could not respond (see: GoDaddy hacked).


Google search results ranking dropped

Most websites traffic comes from search engines and the main search engine is Google.

If most of your website's visits are generated by a single keyword, it might be taken by the competition.

  • Search the keyword in Google to determine if there is another website that if located ahead of your site and gives better value to the user.
  • Search news for a Google ranking algorithm change. For example, Google panda update damaged the traffic of many websites.


Website banned by Google

Using prohibted methods to promote your site in Google will ensure your website will be banned by Google.

Search Google with your main keywords and see if it appears as usual in the search results.

If your website does not apear at all, you should:

  1. Read Googlewebmaster guidlines and fix your website.
  2. Submitreconsideration request to Google.


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